Rules & Regulations

  1. Student should carry the school diary every day.
  2. All the student and teacher are expected to be present for morning assembly.
  3. No child is permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal which will be granted duly at the return request of the parents.
  4. Running playing shouting inside the school building is not permitted.
  5. Take care of the school property. Any damage done will be made good by the one who does it.
  6. Do not throw paper, peels etc anywhere on the school premises. Use dustbin provide for the purpose.
  7. No books (other than the text & library books) newspapers, periodicals & electronic gadgets like Camera Mobile phone etc should not be brought to the school. Rs. 500/- will be collected as fine if any of these gadgets found in the possession.
  8. Student must speak in English.
  9. Money should not be lent or borrowed between the students.
  10. The school is not responsible for articles or money lost. Students should take care of their belongings.
  11. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to walk into classrooms during the class hours.
  12. If any student misbehaves or involves outsiders in a fight/quarrel he/she will be served three warning letters followed by suspension.
  13. The Principal has the right to suspend any pupil without having to state any reason provided that she is satisfied that such a step in necessary in the interest of the school.