Library Rules

Silence is to be observed in the library. Books issued are to be properly taken care and returned on the date mentioned.

  1. All pupils of the school are members of the library.
  2. Every student should read at least one Hindi & English book/magazine in a month.
  3. Write summary of what you have read & show it to your language teacher.
  4. Books will be issued during the library period mention in the Time-Table & not during the teaching periods.
  5. Reference books will not be issued.
  6. If the book is not returned at the expiry of the period, a fine of Rs 5/- per day will be charged.
  7. If the book is lost by the child, whether he/she will replace the book by a new one or pay the cost of the book.
  8. Magazines/Periodicals will not be issued for home.